Our technicians are available every day to carry out maintenance on your marine engine. On demand and periodically.

Ensuring continuity

A reliable marine engine is important for the continuity of your organization. That is why we carry out a lot of periodic maintenance on marine engines. Periodic maintenance reveals wear and tear on parts early, so that a quick response can be made. In the unlikely event that a part breaks, our technicians are ready to help you quickly. Anywhere in the world.

Everything in house to help you further

Our mechanics have experience with the repair and maintenance of various marine engines. With the expertise of the mechanics and the large stock of parts, we have everything in-house to prevent and remedy malfunctions. Storm Service & Trading specializes in the maintenance of Smit MAN and Smit BOLNES marine engines.

Service on call and periodically

The Storm Service & Trading technicians carry out many periodic checks to prevent unwanted calamities along the way. In the unlikely event that you have engine problems while you are on the road, our technicians will help you on location.